Planning your Asia Travel

Maybe you have plans to travel to Asia and you are still wondering how.  Traveling to the other side of the world can sometimes be intimidating. Especially if it is your first time to travel there. It should be an easy thing because this article will give a guide on traveling from the united state to Asia.

Traveling to Asia is exciting as it is the largest and a diverse continent. It is a continent worth visiting. Enjoy a diverse and rich culture full of beauty, adventure, and history. The following guide is meant to help have a smooth journey.

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Passport application

Cambodia temple asia travelThe passport application is one of the most time-consuming processes when it comes to traveling. It is impossible to travel to most of the world without a passport Asia being one of them. Make sure you have one before your travel. Some of the passport requirements are a professionally taken photo, an original birth certificate. Having a driver’s license is important too.

Don’t lose or damage your passport as this won’t work very well for you. Keep it safe and treat it as a sacred object.

Checkups and vaccines

Perhaps this even takes more time than acquiring a passport. Some basic vaccines are administered before traveling to Asia. Some of the vaccines include hepatitis that requires several shots which are spread across months to attain immunity. If you are running out of time, you can have two injections and get the booster shot after you return home. Luckily, the hepatitis vaccine can last up to 20 years. Always keep your vaccination documents safe to avoid repetitive vaccines later. Some vaccinations like Japanese encephalitis and Rabies are only injected under special circumstances.


One of the most confusing and bewildering aspects of Asia Travel is the application of visa stamps. A visa stamp is a sticker that is embedded or placed in your passport to give you access to a new country. The visa requirements differ from country to country.

Countries such as India, China, Vietnam, and Myanmar require that you have a visa already in your passport lest you are denied entry and be deported.  When researching for a visa, make sure you get the correct information from the consulate website to avoid misinformation.

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