Apps every traveler need to have on their smartphones

Apps every traveler need to have on their smartphonesThe anticipation of a vacation is the most exciting part in travelling. The ticket is bought and the hotels booked. The only thing that you might need is to know which travel apps you need installed on your smartphone. The apps may help you before or after you have had your travel. Take a look

Google Translate

This is an application that every traveler should have. It is built for real time and offline translation. Learning a new language has never been easier than this. The interesting part is that it is available in both android and iOS.


Most  people are poor when it comes to keeping booking numbers, well, worry no more this app has got your back. You just need to forward your confirmation mails. Alternatively, let the app access your emails. The app simplifies the work for you by creating itineraries for you. Available on iOS and android platforms.


You don’t have to stress yourself calculating 1,432,465 Japanese yen in US $. The XE app is the way to go, it does the work faster and accurately. Before you travel, remember to update the app to get the latest updates on the app and to get the best from it.


This amazing app reads your location and give you some necessary and important places such as the fueling stations, banks, supermarkets, taxis, hotels, hospitals, etc. it can be of great use if you fell sick far away from home and you are new to a certain locality or country. It can help you locate the nearest hospital easily. Therefore, every traveler should consider having this app


For those parents who love to travel with their kids,Yuggler can do wonders for you. It helps you find the kid friendly activities which are near you leaving your kids in superb amusements. Too bad that it is only available for iOS users


It has over 36 or more cities and gives the modes of transport which are available on each city. Additionally, it is an easy to use application and has a simple and well-illustrated interface.

Do you travel a lot around the world, here’s list of 7 apps those every trraveller should install in the smartphone to make the journey more wonderful.